Turn of the Century

By Henry Bourne

Book cover image - Turn of the Century
Henry Bourne’s photographs of the residences and workspaces of a who’s who of creative people opens windows onto the groundbreaking design approaches and lifestyle trends of the last three decades.

For nearly thirty years, Bourne has been photographing the residences and studios of, or those designed by, some of the world’s most important artists, architects, designers, and innovators. Culture and society are constantly evolving, and changes, both aesthetic and sociological, are reflected in our physical surroundings. Spaces in this volume range from the Upstate New York studio of artist Richard Prince, Vincent Van Duysen’s early apartment in Antwerp, and Marc Newson’s residences (his modern former bachelor pad as well as the more textured house he shares with Charlotte Stockdale) to the joyfully chaotic London atelier of artist Paula Rego, the Villa Volpi by architect Tomaso Buzzi near Rome, and the sleek London studio of Tim Noble and Sue Webster—designed by architect David Adjaye.

Creative director Peter Saville’s sleek London apartment captures the essence of the 1990s, while the homes of both architect Zaha Hadid and minimalist master John Pawson are self-portraits in design. This book is a collection of the personal spaces of luminaries at the turn of the twenty-first century, depicting the contradictory yet stimulating language of contemporary design: stylish and functional, maximalist and minimalist, opulent and understated.
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06 March 2024

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