Wayne Quilliam: Culture is Life 2nd edition

By Wayne Quilliam

Book cover image - Wayne Quilliam: Culture is Life 2nd edition
Wayne Quilliam: Culture is Life is the new, large-format edition of this stunning photographic art book that celebrates the diversity of Indigenous Australians.
Pre-eminent Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam has an archive of millions of images and interviews with Indigenous people across the country. The people featured in his photos include many high-profile Indigenous Australians, as well as community members of different ages from Tasmania to the Torres Strait and Tiwi Islands. With various feature sections on significant events such as Sorry Day and the All Stars game, plus extended captions, this book is an accessible gateway to better understand and appreciate the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. 

This new edition also includes over 50 new photos taken since the original book was published in 2020. Aurukun man Eric Yunkaporta is featured in the cover photo, for which Wayne received the 2022 National Photographic Portrait Prize.
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Publish date
03 May 2023

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