Weekend Runner Australia

By Emma Kemp

Book cover image - Weekend Runner Australia
Weekend Runner Australia is your guide to the best running tracks and events around the country. Featuring more than 40 running routes and unmissable events, this book will take you – and your runners – over tropical islands, snowy mountains and the red dirt of the outback, before winding through famous wine regions and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, across some of the most varied landscapes in the world.

Whether you’re after a 5km route in a nearby city, a challenging trail run in the bush, or a one-of-a-kind race event, this is a book about enjoying the process, exploring new places, and finding empowerment through the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other. From the circumference of Uluru and the famed Larapinta Trail to the Blue Mountains and the tip of Tasmania, encounter vast views and native flora and fauna, all on your own two legs. 

This holistic guide is part travel, part personal account and part tips and tricks from the experts, complete with maps, logistics and photos that will get you over the figurative start line. Get ready to fill your calendar with some of Australia's most rewarding routes, races and fun runs.
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Publish date
17 April 2024
Australia, Travel

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