Worms Are Our Friends

By Toni D'Alia

Book cover image - Worms Are Our Friends
Worms Are Our Friends invites preschool readers into a stunning garden to admire the hard work of one tiny worm, and to marvel at the essential role it plays in nature.

Down in the garden, one fine, sunny day, 
a young little worm gets ready to play. 

Each book in the bestselling 'Our Friends in the Garden' series teaches preschoolers about different creatures found in our gardens, and introduces them to the way insects and bugs contribute to our ecosystem.

Worms Are Our Friends showcases the art of hugely popular digital artist Mimi Purnell, and with its stunning textured and sparkling cover, it is the perfect special gift for any young nature-lover.

Discover how earthworms help our soil, plants and environment thrive, and encourage your kids to love nature exploration and outdoor learning.

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$24.99 RRP
Publish date
05 June 2024

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