Your Best Skin

By Hannah English

Book cover image - Your Best Skin

Your Best Skin is your essential skincare manual, breaking down the science of your skin in a friendly, trustworthy and accessible way. 

Pharmaceutical scientist and beauty writer Hannah English takes an unbiased, science-backed dive into everything you need to know about caring for your skin, as she destigmatises skin conditions and asks us to stop blaming our diet and hygiene. 

Including quizzes to help you understand your skin, Hannah teaches you how you can heal yourself with your own beauty ritual that is actually tailored to your own needs. You'll even learn how to read a skincare label by decoding all the science jargon. Skin issues are legitimate medical issues and Hannah teaches us that science is up for the job of healing them. The best part is that there is a miracle cream, you just have to understand what’s right for you

Including photography, infographics and diagrams, Your Best Skin makes caring for your skin easy. 

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Publish date
15 June 2022

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