100 Aussie Things We Know and Love 2nd edition

By Bunny Banyai

Book cover image - 100 Aussie Things We Know and Love 2nd edition
100 Aussie Things We Know and Love puts the Australian way of life under a forensic lens, vigorously examining the socio-political underpinnings of the Australian character. Nah, just kidding! We'll just take you on a whistle-stop tour through the country's greatest people, places, animals, food, events and cultural quirks. Ever wondered why magpies attack, or Chiko rolls were invented, who we have to blame for Ugg boots, and what stuff from New Zealand we can legitimately claim as our own*? Featuring entries on 100 unmistakably Australian things (in no apparent order), from the lovable to the naff, this book is a chock-a-block with entertaining and fascinating facts about the things we all know, love or love to hate. And now it has a new-look cover design.

*spoiler alert: everything
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Publish date
01 January 2020

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