Green Living: A Comprehensive Guide to a Happy and Sustainable Life

By Green Matters

Book cover image - Green Living: A Comprehensive Guide to a Happy and Sustainable Life
Do you aspire to live a green or zero-waste life, but just don't know where to begin? Green Living is here to guide you to an eco-friendly lifestyle through approachable, easy-to-implement strategies. Authored by the successful website, which is dedicated to making news and topics across sustainability and innovation accessible to everyone, this indispensable resource is packed with suggestions and ideas to implement sustainable living in all areas of your life and home. You'll be inspired to dive deeper into green living and feel empowered by your choice to help the environment and create a healthier household. Learn not just the "why" of going green, but the "how," with quick-and-easy tips to substitute unsustainable and unhealthy products with greener options that allow you to save money, too, such as switching to single-use alternatives like reusable straws and cloth shopping totes. Also find resources to help you get creative and reuse materials you already have for a new purpose, from DIY pet toys to home decor, minimizing what you buy and preventing materials from going into the landfill. Other topics covered: - Recycling and composting - Eco-friendly cleaning - Minimalist organizing - Green beauty - Sustainable fashion This comprehensive guide to green will take a permanent place on your bookshelf as you return to it again and again on your journey to sustainability.
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Publish date
01 March 2022

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