Horizontal Parenting

By Michelle Woo

Book cover image - Horizontal Parenting
Children are exhausting! In the marathon of modern parenting, everyone needs a break – just 10 precious minutes to rest your body and tune out the chaos. Enter: Horizontal Parenting, the super-simple parenting hack for everyone, everywhere. With creative and practical advice for overworked parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caretakers who "just need a minute," this book includes 50 fun, effective, and hilarious games to play with your children while lying down. Activities range from "M Is for Massage" to "Hide and Seek-ish" to "What's on My Butt?" – giving children a chance to release some energy while you catch your breath (and maybe a few even a few z's). All you need is a comfortable surface, a few household items, and your child's imagination, and you too can master the sanity-saving art of horizontal parenting.
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Publish date
05 January 2022

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