Make It Happen Dice

By Chronicle Books

Book cover image - Make It Happen Dice
Stuck in a rut on work, chores, homework, or creative projects? Shake yourself out of it with Make It Happen Dice, a decision dice set with over 35 combinations to get you back on track!

We all have trouble getting things done sometimes and this dice set is the perfect tool to get us going! Make It Happen Dice is a set of two dice featuring six ways to approach your tasks and six ways to reset your brain when you’re stuck. Let the dice give you the tips and structure you need to get any task done.
The dice feature short phrases that are explained and expanded on in the accompanying booklet. The fun and useful explanations of the dice options will help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks, from housework to homework, creative projects to work tasks, and more!

FUN MOTIVATION: Two 6-sided dice provide more than 35 inspiring ways to quit procrastinating or boost productivity. The accompanying 32-page booklet is also packed with ideas, making the set a great gift or self-purchase as a homework helper, desk toy, coworker gift, or motivational tool.

MAKE A GAME OF PRODUCTIVITY: Add some fun to your focus and cut through stress with a roll of the dice! This dice set is the perfect marriage of entertainment and applicable advice.

GRAB AND GO: In a cute, compact format, these dice are perfect for tossing into your bag, backpack, or briefcase for motivation anywhere!

Perfect for:
  • High schoolers, college students, and adults wanting to work on their productivity
  • Anyone wanting to positively combat deadline stress
  • Adults and young people with ADHD, neurodivergence, or executive function disorder
  • Great gift, stocking stuffer, or desk object for students and grads, job hunters and the recently hired, homemakers, writers, and creatives of all kinds
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$22.99 RRP
Publish date
15 May 2024

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