Medicinal Garden

By Caroline Parker

Book cover image - Medicinal Garden
Medicinal herbs aren’t just for traditional medicinal preparations, they are also a wonderful way to complement a healthy diet. The Medicinal Garden is a brilliant guide to revitalising your health by soothing your mind, body and green thumb. From edible treats to therapeutic remedies, unearth the healing potential of plants both wild and cultivated. Featuring forty herb profiles and seven medicinal weeds ideal for foraging, learn how to set up and maintain a planted or potted garden for a healthful life. Discover the healing power of your very own medicinal garden with edible recipes for cakes, biscuits, salads, soups, teas and many more. The book features easy, natural remedies for your skin, gut, muscles, heart and mind with recipes for oils, tinctures, compresses, steams and washes for health and healing.
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Publish date
30 July 2024

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