RHS Greener Gardening: Containers

By Ann Treneman

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This complete primer on how to make an eco-friendly container garden is dedicated to showing that everyone can have a garden, no matter the size, that can benefit the planet. RHS Greener Gardening: Containers guides you through greener choices when it comes to creating a container garden including materials, design, plant choice and maintenance. A few pots on the patio or a window box can become a dynamic mini eco system. A balcony garden can attract wildlife. With the right plants to choose from, a patio can hold an orchard. It's all a matter of 'thinking green', using recycled materials when possible, being wildlife-friendly, choosing plants that will avoid waste, and gardening sustainably. Featuring an easy-to-follow guide to green techniques as well as a helpful series of plant profiles, this is the perfect handbook for a sustainable container garden. Sections include: - Setting up your container garden - Container gardening techniques: sourcing plants, containers & contents, watering, feeding & troubleshooting - Creating containers: growing in groups, choosing a theme, how to create a map or a plan
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Publish date
09 July 2024

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