RHS Greener Gardening: Vegetables

By Sally Nex

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Build your vegetable garden on sustainable, eco-friendly foundations from the start with this new guide to growing your own fresh, organic food. Greener Gardening: Vegetables is the perfect handbook for all seasons, helping budding and experienced gardeners alike in their journey towards a greener way of gardening. The book covers: - Setting up a new vegetable garden so it works hard for you and the environment - A wide ranging directory of vegetables organized by harvesting season - Methods for sowing and growing, plus advice on troubleshooting and saving seed - 'Tasks to do' reminders for keeping on top of garden maintenance each season - 'Do It Greener' reminders of quick and easy way to get greener results You will find new ideas on every page to keep your garden productive and sustainable for years to come.
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Publish date
09 July 2024

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