The Charmed Garden at Broughton Hall

By Philip Hunter

Book cover image - The Charmed Garden at Broughton Hall

The Charmed Garden at Broughton Hallis a celebration – of natural landscape, of human connection and endeavour, and of the sheer beauty of plants. It is also a story of transformation – of urban life to rural, agricultural land to cultivated paradise, humility to awe.

The book traces, in words and photographs, the passion and toils of a physiotherapist and a garden designer working in harmony to transform the blank canvas of a Gippsland farm into a place of breathtaking inspiration. Broughton Hall is the residence that Philip Hunter and David Musker, designed as a sumptuous and stylish home. But it is the home’s gardens and vistas that are the true hero of this beautifully illustrated book. The garden at Broughton Hall – an embodiment of the famous Aristotelian adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – is a feast for the eye, a place of horticultural wonder, and a charmed oasis capable of transporting even the weariest of souls to a level of previously unimagined vitality. 

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Publish date
15 October 2021

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