The Flowerpot Forager

By Stuart Ovenden

Book cover image - The Flowerpot Forager

The Flowerpot Forager details 30 wild edible plants that can be grown at home in containers with as much effort as you would put into your tending your herb pot from the supermarket, plus a very simple recipe or two on how to use them – think pink clover lemonade, water mint pesto and dandelion salad.

Foraging is a perennially aspirational hobby for gardeners and cooks alike, but it’s now entering the mainstream; from supermarkets stocking wild garlic to Fever Tree spiking their tonics with elderflower, wild food is everywhere. Historically, location has hampered the accessibility of foraging – if you don’t live near a wood, riverbed or meadow, it can be difficult to find those lusted-after ingredients in cookbooks and on TV shows. But The Flowerpot Forager is here to solve that.

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Publish date
02 May 2023

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